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In 2013, on the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Camerone, MER-AIR-TERRE was chosen to create two original watches, one was an automatic taken from a prestige series limited to 150 copies and a quartz chronograph with a precision of 1/20th manufactured as a field watch.
Due to the success of these series, we are proud to announce the creation of two new Limited Editions in 2017.

For the Legionnaires:
To benefit from the special offer, please identify yourself as a Legionnaire on the website :
- Click on the top right on "identify yourself", then on "create your account", key in your email to begin creating your account.
- When your account has been created, please send an email to us at "" with a certificate of your military position of good conduct for former soldiers.
Confirmation of the discount price will appear after you have been identified as a Legionnaire. Furthermore, a percentage will be given to the Foreign Legion Assistance Fund.
- Once received and processed, we will confirm with you by email that you have been registered in the Legion group which gives you the right to a special offer reserved for Legionnaires.
- You can then return to your order, identify yourself, you will see the reserved rate, and can then submit your order.