« A responsive and flexible development office »

From the selection of parts through to building prototypes, the various functions making up our development office are gathered together in one place, right next to our Paris showroom. This generates great synergies and produces a short feedback loop – guaranteeing flexibility and speed of response.

The combination of the know-how of the master watchmakers and the expertise the craftsmen who work for it enables MER-AIR-TERRE to produce unique collectors’ items for security professionals, collectors or anyone else who loves beautiful objects. It constantly strives to live up to its customers’ most exacting demands.


«From the original idea through to commercial-scale manufacture, passion and meticulousness are the watchwords of the watchmaker »



« Ruggedness, functionnality and personality are the watchwords of our independent watchmaking firm »


MER-AIR-TERRE watches are efficient, understated and masculine. You can put them on your wrist and not have to worry about them. Because they are guaranteed waterproof to depths of 200 or 300 m, and because they have a very thick sapphire crystal, a screw-down winder crown integrated into the body, with screw-down push buttons. They come with various types of strap to make them as easy to wear as possible in testing conditions. The presentation box contains the makings of a watchmaker’s kit: one strap in leather, a second in military-style fabric and a third in genuine rubber.


Black steel, orange hands and dials that are very easy to read underwater or at night with luminous figures and markings on a black background are all features from deep within the MER-AIR-TERRE DNA. These features fit perfectly with the specifications and expectations of the members of the special armed forces. The black PVD coating has proved particularly durable over time.


It is perhaps this quality that most of all underpins the success of MER-AIR-TERRE with the special personnel of the elite units of the French army. The watches’ clean and sober design, their particularly restricted distribution methods using a network of exclusive stores, and a very reasonable and attractive price make these examples of the watchmaker’s art much sought-after by collectors. Owning a timepiece from the house of MER-AIR-TERRE is like becoming a member of a very private family club.



« Based on an initial sketch, which sets the outlines of the future object down on paper, a more detailed and accurate blueprint is prepared. In it, the main dimensions of the watch, the width of the strap, the diameter of the dial and the size of the case have already been decided. »

Our development office designs all the parts needed in the design of each watch, using powerful computer-aided design software applications such as AutoCAD, Illustrator and Solidworks. These applications also enable designers to interact better with other specialists. Working together in this way means that products can be developed more quickly and efficiently.

Our development office always strives to find new high-quality materials and components that are efficient, effective and reliable. We test them all thoroughly in our workshop.


AutoCAD is a software application that can be used in many design disciplines. We use it to produce various sets of technical designs, using all the dimensions of the components previously designed using it. This software enables us to create and amend detailed plans intuitively, and it contains functionalities that help us create novel shapes and designs.

So MER-AIR-TERRE produces all its watches in-house, from the blueprint through to the design and manufacture of the case including the strap. These resources also allow it to produce exclusive short production runs, with complete control over the whole production chain.

Solidworks handles 3-D modelling powerfully and intuitively. It produces a quick visual rendering of the project and gives shape to our watches long before the phase of producing a prototype of the case. The Illustrator software application helps us decide the aesthetic dimensions of the dial, so that we can decide on the proportions that will make it easiest to read.


«The value of these timepieces is determined by a judicious balance between product durability and functionality »


« A prototype is produced to test the concepts and the design before the final phase of commercial-scale manufacture begins. »

MER-AIR-TERRE manufactures unique items that combine know-how with precision in an uncompromising and sober design. The reputation of MER-AIR-TERRE is founded on the know-how of trained watchmakers with a deep knowledge of self-winding mechanical movements. We support creativity and innovation at all levels, and we are always improving the manufacturing process to give our customers the best reliability and the highest quality standards.

After the Solidworks 3D technical designs and models have been approved, we move on to manufacturing a prototype watch case using a CNC computer numerically controlled machine. This computer-controlled manufacturing machine helps us work on the raw material, and to build and mill forms as complex as those of our watch cases using Solidworks.

Each component and movement is checked carefully by our watchmakers in the workshop before and after assembly to achieve maximum reliability. The precision with which all the checks are carried out gives the watch its passport to a lifetime that will enable it to travel through several generations. This is a demanding and meticulous process, and one that puts our firm even closer to the heart of quality watchmaking.

MER-AIR-TERRE watches are manufactured and assembled by watchmakers with a wealth of expertise and they undergo rigorous testing before leaving our Paris workshop. Our watchmakers have a passion for mechanical watches and an enthusiasm for fine workmanship. Day in, day out, they pay the utmost attention to the minutest details, to ensure that every one of our timepieces is of impeccable quality.


Choosing the right materials is at the heart of the MER-AIR-TERRE approach. Nothing is overlooked, from the case through to the strap. MER AIR TERRE watches are therefore finished to the smallest detail. We strive continuously to improve our timepieces in performance, accuracy, design and durability. Our watches are designed to be used in the most extreme conditions, which is why we place so much importance on the quality of materials from which they are made.


This is one of the most important components of a MER AIR TERRE watch. Our watch straps are designed to be suitable for our timepieces in all situations. MER-AIR-TERRE pays great attention to providing robust watch straps, restrained in style, that meet the specifications of both elite units and watch enthusiasts and collectors. We supply straps in vegetable-tanned leather produced in France, and also in fabric and genuine rubber. All these straps form an integral part of the collection and are stamped with our signature. Furthermore, each watch is delivered with three straps and a tool for changing the straps.

« We have created a strong partnership with the Atelier du Bracelet Parisien Workshop located in the heart of the St Honoré Market. »

The strap of the watch made at the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Camerone fight was designed and carved in true leather of ” apron of sapper ” strong symbol of the legionnaire builder spirit, originally intended to protect the legionnaire from splinters of woods and since, preserved through time, missions and conflicts. The manufacture of this unique strap is handmade in the Atelier du Bracelet Parisien Workshop by renowned artisans ensuring that quality.


« A workshop at the heart of the manufacturing process »

Our firm’s workshop, located in Paris, is at the heart of our achievements to date and at the core of our manufacturing process. Since 2007, it has been the centre for prototyping and testing our watches, as well as for after sales service. It is a place for creation, innovation, storage and discussion, in which the boundaries are set by the imagination alone. The Workshop personifies the spirit that has imbued our watchmaking business from the outset. Tested and partly assembled in our workshop, our watches go through a well-defined process. During each manufacturing stage, we apply several quality control tests. As soon as we receive the components, we subject them to a series of tests in our workshop to ensure they are up to standard. After the watch has been finished, we carry out a final series of tests (timekeeping, waterproofing, going fast or slow) to ensure we deliver quality items.

« A flexible and personalised After-Sales Service that reacts fast »

By carrying out many tests and using precision instruments, the MER-AIR-TERRE after sales service department is able to customise its response, providing a relevant, personalised, quality solution. The diagnosis and repairs are carried out in our Paris workshop or in workshops accredited by the brand. All our work comes with a 12-month guarantee covering the work done only. Watches are one of the few things that have to run uninterruptedly 24/7 while we wear them on our wrists. To ensure the watch lasts and continues to be absolutely reliable, you are advised to have your watch serviced every 4 to 5 years. However, the frequency of service our firm recommends varies with the conditions of use. Our expert watchmakers use every ounce of their skill and know-how in repairing and maintaining your MER-AIR-TERRE watch.

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