The MER-AIR-TERRE adventure started in 2005 with a special order for watches for police officers belonging to RAID, the special French police enforcement unit. These watches were expertly crafted to meet the needs of these security professionals. The originality of their design has enabled them to fulfil every requirement of the members of the French Special Forces. MER-AIR-TERRE have proved their worth in action in the activities of the various military units deployed in the French army's many theatres of operation.

MER-AIR-TERRE is one of the very few and one of the last independent French watchmakers firmly rooted in family values that puts the emphasis on reliable operation in day-to-day use. The firm of MER-AIR-TERRE has always upheld the traditions of French watch-making, right from the outset.

This French brand was founded in 2007. Since then it has grown to have not only its own manufacturing workshop, but also an R&D department, a quality control unit, an after sales department, a showroom, and also its own Marketing & Communication department. The workshop, located in the Rue Vignon, close to the Madeleine Church in Paris, is devoted entirely to the assembly, quality control, maintenance and repair of MER-AIR-TERRE brand watches. These facilities mean that MER-AIR-TERRE can design and manufacture its products fast and flexibly. We have our own design team who design the various models making up our current collection.

Day by day, our watch-making firm benefits from the experience and know-how of many serving security professionals. Their ideas and their advice help us create reliable and robust timepieces for specialist units and Special Forces. Our watches are respected and admired by collectors and watch enthusiasts alike.

Our models spring from one of the three elements – sea, air and land. MER-AIR-TERRE actually means 'Sea', 'Air' and 'Land' in French. The combination of functionality, quality and understatement has won the loyalty of a large section of the special unit and collector market. They find that MER-AIR-TERRE are the best timepieces for them.

MER-AIR-TERRE is a brand aimed at everyone who loves sport, adventures or beautiful objects, and who wants to step off the beaten track to find a watch of unique character. 

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